Foreign Policy: Egypt’s Islamists Turn Violent

The Muslim Brotherhood says that its protests are purely peaceful — but evidence is mounting of torture and weaponry at its Cairo sit-ins. CAIRO — Ahmed Sabet, 22, has been hospitalized for over a week. “They stamped on his face,” said his cousin, Aly al-Masry, 20, who told Sabet’s story from his bedside as he … Continue reading

Egypt’s Khaled Said: Three years on, still no justice

On the anniversary of the brutal police murder which inspired the Egyptian January 25 Revolution, Khaled Said’s family prepare for retrial  In a small bedroom in Alexandria adjacent to the sea, the belongings of a young man: new trainers, a computer console and homemade speakers are quietly gathering dust. Three years of dust, to be … Continue reading

‘They beat us like animals’: Egypt’s children detained, tortured

Rights groups report on the rise of Egyptian police brutality against children after 13 minors were arrested in Cairo on Tuesday; Ahram Online speaks with the victims In an impoverished district of Alexandria, Sherifa Abdel-Meneem described finding bruises and gashes all over her 13-year-old son’s body, Abdel-Rahman, who was picked up by Egyptian security forces … Continue reading

Breaking the silence: Mob sexual assault on Tahrir Square

Reports of brutal gang sexual assault on women in the vicinity of Cairo’s Tahrir Square are becoming increasingly and worrying frequent. For the first time women are coming forward in significant numbers with their stories. As a result, the issue is finally being addressed as a specific type of attack separate from the ongoing conversation … Continue reading

Military trials for civilians: The human cost

  Egypt’s military junta led a widespread crackdown on anti-military rule protesters in Cairo’s district of Abbasiya on 4 May. What followed marked the single largest wave of arrests and detentions since the military assumed power in February 2011. “The ruling military wants to see how far they can go with the people,” says Salma … Continue reading

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