Morsi’s counterpunch: A reading of Egypt latest Constitutional Declaration

                          In a move that shocked the nation, President Mohamed Morsi cancelled the contentious military-authored addendum to the Constitutional Declaration Sunday afternoon and rewrote the amendments, effectively awarding himself legislative authorities and powers over Egypt’s constitution-writing body. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) had sparked … Continue reading

Military trials for civilians: The human cost

  Egypt’s military junta led a widespread crackdown on anti-military rule protesters in Cairo’s district of Abbasiya on 4 May. What followed marked the single largest wave of arrests and detentions since the military assumed power in February 2011. “The ruling military wants to see how far they can go with the people,” says Salma … Continue reading

YouTube phenomenon ‘Dancing Matt’ visits Tahrir

  Matt Harding, the 36-year-old Internet sensation who became known for YouTube clips of himself dancing in different locations across the world, came to Tahrir Square Sunday. “Dancing Matt” who is currently making his fourth film, has been travelling around the world for two years compiling clips for the next film. This latest internet offering … Continue reading

Walled in: SCAF’s concrete barricades

                              Recurrent street battles between police and protesters have led the interior ministry to literally wall itself in; Ahram Online maps the growth of these concrete curtains and the transformation of Cairo into a city of walls 24 November –  Mohamed … Continue reading

Egypt’s Interior Minister proven a liar: overwhelming evidence police fired birdshot at protesters

                                Speaking before Egypt’s parliament Tuesday afternoon, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim denied allegations that Central Security Forces (CSF) had used shotguns loaded with birdshot to disperse crowds of anti-government protesters during the last five days of clashes near the interior … Continue reading

One more protester dead as Egypt’s security forces build fourth wall

                              As violent clashes erupted again between protesters and Egypt’s security forces in downtown Cairo on Sunday evening, there are reportedly over a hundred protesters injured and one death. The Central Security Forces (CSF) used tear gas and birdshot to clear … Continue reading

New walls built around interior ministry as clashes continue

                      Three concrete walls were erected around Egypt’s interior ministry on Sunday morning by the ministry’s Central Security Forces (CSF) as fierce clashes between anti-government protesters and police entered their fourth consecutive day outside the ministry’s precincts. Fighting in the streets of downtown Cairo, where … Continue reading

Guardian: In the thick of the clashes, police shoot tear gas and bullets

Cairo-based journalist Bel Trew described the scene as the security forces used teargas tried to disperse around a thousand protesters near the Ministry of Interior.

‘The security staff said the game should just carry on’

                            “That day the head of security of the Port Said stadium said to us everything is going to be fine,” said Diaa Aly, 21, a professional footballer who was watching the Al-Ahly and Al-Masry match on Wednesday evening. But everything was … Continue reading

BBC radio: Port Said tragedy, emotions run high at Cairo station

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