Egypt’s January 25 Revolution two years on

Determination and optimism mingle in Tahrir Square

“2011 ended honestly,” says Khalid Abdalla, a 31 year-old British-Egyptian filmmaker and activist, about the New Year’s Eve celebrations on Tahrir Square. “It felt balanced: an appreciation of what we have achieved over the year and what there is still to fight for, a sense of mourning over the cost.” The price Egyptians paid for … Continue reading

‘Muslims and Christians are one hand’: Tahrir Square celebrates New Year’s Eve

By 8:30pm Tahrir Square was packed. The flag-bearers were back. The neon pink standard of the candy-floss man could be spotted again, bobbing over people’s heads in the crowd. The men with their fireworks had also returned. People were handing out stickers calling for the release of detained blogger Maikel Nabil and carrying posters of shohadaa (martyrs) … Continue reading

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