Al Jazeera: Egypt’s sexual assault epidemic

Women at Egypt’s protests often must fight more than the political cause that brought them into the streets.  It is the night of July 3, and on the streets of downtown Cairo thousands are celebrating the ousting of Egypt’s deposed president, Mohamed Morsi. But below ground, in the police booth of Tahrir Square’s metro station, … Continue reading

Return of Egypt People’s Assembly dogged by legal, constitutional ambiguity

The People’s Assembly, the lower house of Egypt’s parliament, is due to meet within hours, following a surprise Sunday decree issued by newly-inaugurated President Mohamed Morsi calling for the reinstatement of the dissolved assembly and for fresh legislative polls within 60 days of the ratification of a new constitution.   As the decree has been … Continue reading

Celebrations fade as constitutional crisis edges closer in Cairo

Jubilant scenes on Tahrir Square, as the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohammed Morsi was announced Egypt’s first post-Mubarak president, were dulled as the future of the country’s recently-dissolved parliament and the constitution-drafting body were left hanging in the balance after crucial rulings were postponed on Tuesday. Consequently, thousands have remained on Cairo’s flashpoint square. “Of course … Continue reading

Egyptians march to parliament on International Women’s Day

                  Hundreds of protesters marked International Women’s Day on Thursday by marching from the Journalists’ Syndicate to Egypt’s parliament, demanding that women make up 50% of the constituent assembly. The march was organised by a coalition of 16 Egyptian feminist non-governmental organisations (NGO), who submitted a list … Continue reading

More than 70 killed in Egypt’s worst football disaster

                              Thousands gathered at Ramses train station, downtown Cairo, in the early hours of Thursday morning to meet beleaguered Ahly fans coming back from Masry-Ahly league match following Egypt’s worst football disaster. Agonised by the death of 70 of their fellow … Continue reading

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