Heba Morayef: A guardian of rights in post-revolutionary Egypt

Nominated for Time’s prestigious top 100 list, Human Rights Watch country director talks about the ongoing fight for freedoms in Egypt (VIDEO) From antagonising ruling generals to eating doughnuts with Mubarak ministers, meet Human Rights Watch Egypt Director Heba Morayef, once described by a US radio station as Egypt’s guardian of human decency. A familiar … Continue reading

The Trial: NGO staffers speak up about political dogfight

  Behind the ongoing NGO trial case is a political spat between the US administration and the former Egyptian government, say defendants speaking out for the first time The fate of Egypt’s civil society remains hung in the balance as the Egyptian government struggles to redraft controversial NGO legislation and civic associations await the verdict … Continue reading

The third man: Egyptian fears of the foreign plot

                            Foreigners are, apparently, at it again: threatening the stability of Egypt by implementing destructive foreign agendas. This February, 29 foreign aid workers face trial and an Australian journalist was threatened with deportation and now faces a travel ban while his American student friend has … Continue reading

NGO crackdown: Frontline of the ongoing revolution

Operating as a nongovernmental organisation (NGO) in Egypt is no mean feat. Aside from the fear of further crackdowns following last week’s raids and what civil society groups are calling a government-led “smear campaign,” advisory council spokesperson Mohamed El-Khouly on Wednesday urged Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to issue a law … Continue reading

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