The Trial: NGO staffers speak up about political dogfight

  Behind the ongoing NGO trial case is a political spat between the US administration and the former Egyptian government, say defendants speaking out for the first time The fate of Egypt’s civil society remains hung in the balance as the Egyptian government struggles to redraft controversial NGO legislation and civic associations await the verdict … Continue reading

YouTube phenomenon ‘Dancing Matt’ visits Tahrir

  Matt Harding, the 36-year-old Internet sensation who became known for YouTube clips of himself dancing in different locations across the world, came to Tahrir Square Sunday. “Dancing Matt” who is currently making his fourth film, has been travelling around the world for two years compiling clips for the next film. This latest internet offering … Continue reading

The third man: Egyptian fears of the foreign plot

                            Foreigners are, apparently, at it again: threatening the stability of Egypt by implementing destructive foreign agendas. This February, 29 foreign aid workers face trial and an Australian journalist was threatened with deportation and now faces a travel ban while his American student friend has … Continue reading

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