The missing: Egypt’s political prisoners issue presses Morsi

Nationwide protests on Friday called for the release of Egypt’s prisoners of conscience; with thousands still missing and 600 facing trial for political activity, the battle for justice continues Thousands took to the streets Friday in  protests calling for compensation and the release of revolutionaries imprisoned through military or civilian courts since last year’s popular … Continue reading

Maspero: The revolution’s new frontline

                      The state-run Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU)’s headquarters in Cairo’s Maspero district has become the latest pressure point in the ongoing revolution, with the recent appearance of a growing encampment set up outside the building’s walls. Since first-anniversary celebrations of Egypt’s January 25 … Continue reading

Anti-SCAF protesters shape anniversary of revolution in Tahrir

      As the first anniversary of the Egyptian revolution draws to a close, hundreds of thousands of protesters remain in Tahrir Square, which saw a bigger turnout today than on 11 February of last year – the day that longstanding president Hosni Mubarak stepped down. Reports suggest that from the marches alone, 300,000 … Continue reading

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