Maspero: The revolution’s new frontline

                      The state-run Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU)’s headquarters in Cairo’s Maspero district has become the latest pressure point in the ongoing revolution, with the recent appearance of a growing encampment set up outside the building’s walls. Since first-anniversary celebrations of Egypt’s January 25 … Continue reading

Egyptian citizen journalism ‘Mosireen’ tops YouTube

Mosireen, an Egyptian media collective of filmmakers and citizen journalists, has become the most viewed non-profit YouTube channel of all time in Egypt and the most viewed non-profit channel in the whole world this month. The group, which has only been producing videos online for four months, collates footage and video testimonies from filmmakers and … Continue reading

Determination and optimism mingle in Tahrir Square

“2011 ended honestly,” says Khalid Abdalla, a 31 year-old British-Egyptian filmmaker and activist, about the New Year’s Eve celebrations on Tahrir Square. “It felt balanced: an appreciation of what we have achieved over the year and what there is still to fight for, a sense of mourning over the cost.” The price Egyptians paid for … Continue reading

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