Foreign Policy: ‘Mubarak Is Free and the Country Is on Fire’

Did Egypt’s revolution just die? CAIRO — Heshan Amin, a 24-year-old student, sits with his head in the hands, just a few hundred feet from Tahrir Square, where he and his friends fought the police during the Jan. 25, 2011 revolution. He had broken the government-imposed curfew to come here when news reached him that … Continue reading

BBC World Service Mubarak retrial: Judge steps down citing “unease”


Egypt’s January 25 Revolution two years on

The missing: Egypt’s political prisoners issue presses Morsi

Nationwide protests on Friday called for the release of Egypt’s prisoners of conscience; with thousands still missing and 600 facing trial for political activity, the battle for justice continues Thousands took to the streets Friday in  protests calling for compensation and the release of revolutionaries imprisoned through military or civilian courts since last year’s popular … Continue reading

RT: Thousands protest court decision as Mubarak is sentenced to life

YouTube phenomenon ‘Dancing Matt’ visits Tahrir

  Matt Harding, the 36-year-old Internet sensation who became known for YouTube clips of himself dancing in different locations across the world, came to Tahrir Square Sunday. “Dancing Matt” who is currently making his fourth film, has been travelling around the world for two years compiling clips for the next film. This latest internet offering … Continue reading

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