Foreign Policy: ‘Mubarak Is Free and the Country Is on Fire’

Did Egypt’s revolution just die? CAIRO — Heshan Amin, a 24-year-old student, sits with his head in the hands, just a few hundred feet from Tahrir Square, where he and his friends fought the police during the Jan. 25, 2011 revolution. He had broken the government-imposed curfew to come here when news reached him that … Continue reading

Al Jazeera: Egypt’s sexual assault epidemic

Women at Egypt’s protests often must fight more than the political cause that brought them into the streets.  It is the night of July 3, and on the streets of downtown Cairo thousands are celebrating the ousting of Egypt’s deposed president, Mohamed Morsi. But below ground, in the police booth of Tahrir Square’s metro station, … Continue reading

Egypt’s Khaled Said: Three years on, still no justice

On the anniversary of the brutal police murder which inspired the Egyptian January 25 Revolution, Khaled Said’s family prepare for retrial  In a small bedroom in Alexandria adjacent to the sea, the belongings of a young man: new trainers, a computer console and homemade speakers are quietly gathering dust. Three years of dust, to be … Continue reading

BBC World Service Mubarak retrial: Judge steps down citing “unease”


Egypt’s January 25 Revolution two years on

RT: Thousands protest court decision as Mubarak is sentenced to life

The third man: Egyptian fears of the foreign plot

                            Foreigners are, apparently, at it again: threatening the stability of Egypt by implementing destructive foreign agendas. This February, 29 foreign aid workers face trial and an Australian journalist was threatened with deportation and now faces a travel ban while his American student friend has … Continue reading

European Union bank blasted for links to Mubarak

The European Union’s house bank invested in funds that benefited Egypt’s ruling clique and had links to the ruling elites of Palestine and Syria, even as it preached the importance of human rights and democracy, suggests a new report obtained by Ahram Online. The family and associates of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak directly gained from some … Continue reading

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