Gaza ceasefire: Who really won?

    The historic Gaza-Israel truce saw Egypt take centre-stage as a major geo-political player: as details of the ceasefire are fine-tuned amid growing instability in Egypt, Bel Trew takes a closer look at the losses and gains The Gaza-Israel ceasefire agreement, brokered by Egypt and the US one week ago, has been largely forgotten … Continue reading

“We give our lives to Gaza” – Egyptians break seige

It was a mad mission. On the bloodiest night of the latest Israeli onslaught on Gaza, over 550 Egyptian revolutionaries in 11 buses drove over the border to the besieged territory. The unprecedented expression of solidarity challenged their country’s siege on the strip. Activists, who had fought their own war for independence on Tahrir Square, … Continue reading

Eyewitness from Gaza: Convoy breaks the seige

Over 500 Egyptian activists cross into Gaza in Egypt’s largest solidarity convoy during one of the bloodiest days of the ongoing Israeli offensive; Bel Trew who traveled with the group reports back Five minutes after a Gaza-bound convoy of 330 Egyptian activists arrived at the Rafah border crossing, the bombing started. Even on the Egyptian … Continue reading

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