France 24 ‘The Debate’: Egypt’s endless revolution, how to break the stalemate

France 24 ‘The Debate’: Egypt’s endless revolution, how to break the stalemate Part 1

“We are fighting a dictatorship. We have to stop it now”

      There will be blood,” 22-year old Diaa Galal told me, amid acrid plumes of tear gas on 26 November, the night before thousands of protesters once again flocked to Tahrir Square in Cairo. No one had seen it coming. On 22 November, just a day after brokering a truce between Gaza and … Continue reading

Liberals and Islamists clash on Tahrir Square, over 100 injured

Celebrations fade as constitutional crisis edges closer in Cairo

Jubilant scenes on Tahrir Square, as the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohammed Morsi was announced Egypt’s first post-Mubarak president, were dulled as the future of the country’s recently-dissolved parliament and the constitution-drafting body were left hanging in the balance after crucial rulings were postponed on Tuesday. Consequently, thousands have remained on Cairo’s flashpoint square. “Of course … Continue reading

Egyptians march to parliament on International Women’s Day

                  Hundreds of protesters marked International Women’s Day on Thursday by marching from the Journalists’ Syndicate to Egypt’s parliament, demanding that women make up 50% of the constituent assembly. The march was organised by a coalition of 16 Egyptian feminist non-governmental organisations (NGO), who submitted a list … Continue reading

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