Morsi’s hometown divided on day of mass protests

Residents of the president’s birthplace praise his administration, while in Zagazig, the Nile Delta governorate’s capital, many complain of chronic shortages and a struggling economy    Campaign posters of President Mohamed Morsi, bleached in the sun, line the walls of a dilapidated building in tiny Nile Delta village of El-Adwa: the only sign that this … Continue reading

Dark Truths Behind Egypt’s Polarising Presidential Elections

There is no going back on democracy in Egypt, USA Secretary of State Hilary Clinton declared Thursday about the Egyptian two-day presidential runoff elections taking place this weekend. After a year and half of military rule, Egyptians have been choosing their first president since the ousting of dictator Hosni Mubarak, from two candidates: the Muslim … Continue reading

Domestic rifts: Egypt households divided by tough electoral choices

    At a Mahalla polling station, during the first round of Egypt’s presidential elections, an Al-Ahram reporter spotted a couple fighting in the queue. The husband was threatening to divorce his wife if she did not vote for Mubarak’s last prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq. We never found out if the marriage lasted long enough … Continue reading

Egypt’s liberals face the worst-case scenario

All eyes are on Egypt again, as the world marks the end to another Arab spring narrative with the country’s first genuine multi-candidate elections. On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Hilton Clinton congratulated the people on “seizing the promise of last years’ uprising.” With ink-stained fingers, millions of Egyptians should have been celebrating being one … Continue reading

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